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Jenna Fleming is an elementary school counselor in Round Rock, TX. She has worked with families in the educational field for 13 years and has a passion for helping parents navigate through challenges and helping people create a life they love. Jenna has a Master's Degree in Guidance and Counseling from Texas State University and is currently an LPC-I.  In addition to her co-host duties on The Counselor Dynamite View, Mrs. Fleming is the founder of She resides in Georgetown, TX with her husband, Mark, and their two children, whom she considers to be her greatest life teachers.

Jenna Fleming

Crystal Kahle has been a school counselor in the state of Texas for the last

6 years. She obtained a B.S. from Oklahoma State University in Family Relations and Child Development and a M.Ed. from Sam Houston State University in Counseling. She enjoys working with children utilizing play therapy and sand tray techniques. Currently, she is a member of  the American Play Therapy Association.

Crystal Kahle

Starr Burgess worked as an elementary teacher and school counselor for a total of 7 years in the Pflugerville, TX and Round Rock, TX school districts. She has a Master’s Degree in Professional Counseling from Texas State University. Currently, Mrs. Burgess works in her private practice, LifeMenders Counseling, PLLC in Pflugerville, TX, where she serves individuals, couples, and families. In addition to her co-host duties on The Counselor Dynamite View, Mrs. Burgess is the president of The Net Connection, an organization for mental health professionals and a member of the Texas Counseling Association (TCA). Mrs. Burgess is also the author of the Counselor Dynamite children book series. She resides in the Austin area with her spouse, Clyde, and their daughter.

Starr Burgess


Counselor Dynamite


The Counselor Dynamite View is the newest, online talk show based in Austin, TX featuring three dynamic and charismatic women of varying backgrounds and experiences, discussing the most prevalent challenges and issues in schools. The Counselor Dynamite View’s mission is to promote, inspire, and improve the well-being and mental health of students and share professional insight and resources with counselors, teachers, school staff members, parents, and people in the community.

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