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Hello, my name is Starr Burgess and my journey to becoming an author began as a school counselor in 2008 where I had the privilege of serving students and colleagues in the Pflugerville, TX and Round Rock, TX School Districts and now currently in my own practice, LifeMenders Counseling. I can’t express the joy and gratitude that I feel each and every day that I wake up and began a new day in my ministry, my quest to serve others. We as counselors advocate hope, encouragement, and change each and every day. It’s the way we walk, talk, smile, and assist. The motto I fell in love with and keep in my heart every day is: “No One Cares How Much You Know Unless They Know How Much You Care,” how fitting and inspiring for our profession!  Never did I envision that writing children’s books, lesson plans and activities, and a counseling product line would be my next endeavor but I am completely committed, capable, and thankful for the opportunity to serve you, my fellow counselors.

I have been working on writing books for several years and finally created the main character, Counselor Dynamite, whom I lovingly refer to as the pioneer super hero of schools.   Counselor Dynamite represents counselors everywhere, whether your workplace is in schools, private practices, agencies, or non-for-profits. Counselor Dynamite is more than just a character, the name is a reminder of how important our responsibilities and services are to our students, children, adults, families, and colleagues. Counselors wear many hats in the operation of schools, many hats that people don’t see but experience as the fruit of their labor. My mission in every book is to re-energize the importance of the counselor’s role in schools everywhere.

You are Counselor Dynamite!

I would be remiss if I didn’t share this with you. I am not sure if you have an idea for a business venture. If you do I want to encourage you to get started today, don’t waste another minute. No one else in this world is exactly like you. The gifts and talents that God has blessed you with are meant not only for your enjoyment but primarily to be shared with the masses.

I hope you enjoy reading the adventures of Counselor Dynamite as much as I enjoy writing them.

My Journey