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The great Counselor Dynamite books on Kindness and Bullying also have accompanying supplemental guides that are chock full of excellent lesson plans and curriculum ideas.  They make a wonderful addition to an existing school curriculum for counselors or teachers throughout the school year!  The book and guide combination can also assist parents who might be home schooling or just want some guidance exercises for their kids.

DYNAMITE!! The Counselor Dynamite books also have curriculum supplemental guides!

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Now new on the scene is Counselor Dynamite,

the super hero of schools. Counselor Dynamite’s mission:

To Serve and protect children and support staff members in schools everywhere.

  To ALL Counselors:

  You ARE Counselor Dynamite!

First there was Superman, followed soon after by Wonder Woman and still later Spiderman.  All of them upstanding, fearless and full of integrity.

…In a world, if ever there was a need for a super hero, the time is now!!!


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